EasyCut F framsláttuvélar með knosara
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EasyCut F framsláttuvélar með knosara

kr. 2.299.000kr. 4.999.000



EasyCut 28 CV

Cutting and conditioning in one pass, the KRONE front-mounted mowers with CV steel tine conditioner are the specialist machines for harvesting farm-grown forage at a professional level.

V-type pivoting steel tines and a steplessly adjustable baffle plate provide uniform crop treatment, reduce machine wear and optimise adaptation to crop conditions.

Full-width conditioning: Specified with V-type steel tines and baffle plate, the conditioner spans the entire work width. The goal is a uniform crop flow across the entire work width and optimum conditioning results. Additional guide plates are fitted for wide spreading and faster conditioning. The integrated mechanical gearbox offers two CV rotor speeds (600 rpm and 900 rpm).

The headstock with integral coil provides the suspension the mower requires to follow all ground contours and produce a uniform cut while protecting the crop from contamination. The kinematics between coil spring and swing maintains a consistent ground pressure even when operating in undulating terrain.

Optional guide plates offer very precise adjustment and positioning for wide spreading and even faster conditioning.

The perfect match: KRONE offers adapters to fit into rigid lower link arms and a telescoping top link extension, which enable transverse ground tracking.


EasyCut F 320 CV • F 320 CR Push/Pull


  • Work width: 3.16 m
  • PUSH-type or PULL-type cutterbar
  • Choose between aggressive steel tines or chevron-profiled rollers for intensive treatment

The front mowers F 320 CV with tine conditioner and F 320 CR with roller conditioner are specialists that warrant high-quality forage. Featuring either a large 64 cm diameter tined rotor or two 25 cm conditioning rollers, these mowers are the pros that deliver high-quality forage and best conditioning even in high-yielding crops.

With no A-frame required, there is plenty of space around the headstock. The pushed design makes for a very compact machine, reduces weight and is gentler on the turf. The transverse pivoting action is provided by the tractor’s link arms. The pulled version has the suspension springs integrated in the machine’s suspension system. The tension of the two springs is controlled from one single crank.

The pulled headstock design allows the machine to break back and up through a larger angle, hence making it more suitable for operation in rolling land.

The pulled headstock has a hydraulic cylinder that raises the mower extra high, providing plenty of ground clearance in any type of terrain. This means there is plenty of clearance for butterfly combinations to handle high-volume swaths on the headland.

Each end of the guard can be folded back to bring transport width down to 3 m. This can also be done hydraulically from the tractor as an option.


EasyCut F 360 CV • F 360 CR Push/Pull


  • 3.60 m work width, 3.45 m transport width„
  • Choose between aggressive steel tines or chevron-profiled rollers for intensive treatment
  • Pushed or pulled design

The KRONE EasyCut F 360 CV and CR front mowers can have a pushed or pulled cutterbar. Working at a width of 3.60 m, the machine suits wide tractors with oversize tyres. More generous overlaps within the combination result in clean cuts on slopes and in curves and make for larger work widths in general.

The KRONE EasyCut F 360 CV and CR front mowers can have a pull-type suspension. This allows the mower to break back and up for added protection from foreign objects.

The floating EasyCut F 360 CV and F 360 CR in pulled configuration are compact and slim machines that provide excellent visibility. These machines impress by a low dead weight and cleanest cuts.

Adjustable springs optimize the ground pressure and allow the machine to float. A telescoping top link is available to deliver perfect cuts in undulating terrain.


EasyCut F 400 CV Fold


  • The first foldable cutterbar on the market
  • 4.04 m working width and yet less than 3 m transport width
  • Maximum overlap and high efficiency
  • Hydraulic suspension is as a standard feature
  • Hydraulic slewing gearbox
  • Intensive conditioning from aggressive steel tines

This first foldable cutterbar on the market is awarded the DLG Silver Medal at Agritechnica 2019. The KRONE development translates into maximum efficiency, maximum overlaps and maximum road safety. From a fingertip control, the operator activates a hydraulic slewing gearbox and swings the ends in front of the cutterbar without disconnecting the driveline.

Coupling directly to the tractor link arms, the new and push-type KRONE headstock does without an A-frame. The hydraulic suspension is integrated in the lifting mechanism so that only one single-acting and one double-acting spool are required. The end guards and the foldable swathing drums are sequence controlled from the convenience of the cab.

To prepare the machine for road travel, the two swathing drums on either side swing behind the tractor wheels. This does not cut the driveline and the discs remain in cutting position. The slewing gearbox which provides the connection is powered and secured hydraulically – all done automatically from the cab. The design translates into a less than 3 m transport width.

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