FORPÖNTUN! Stiga SnowRacer Curve sleði – bleikur
kr. 19.490 Setja í körfu

FORPÖNTUN! Stiga SnowRacer Curve sleði – bleikur

kr. 19.490

ATH! Þessi sleði kemur aftur til okkar í takmörkuðu magni um 12. desember.

Hægt er að leggja inn pöntun og við afgreiðum um leið, örugg afhending fyrir jól.

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  • STIGA Snowracer with Curve Ski System – a winter favourite on the slopes.
  • A classic sledge with a sturdy steel frame and brake for safe use.
  • The twin-tip skis and curved front ski facilitate steering.
  • The automatic winder makes the sledge easier to pull.
  • Maximum user weight: 90 kg.
  • Suitable from about 7 years.

Snowracer in happy colors with Curve Ski System and an automatic winder.

STIGA Snowracer Color Pro is truly a family favourite on the slopes! Sledge, toboggan, snowracer – this family favourite has many names! But whatever you call it, it offers huge enjoyment and fun, winter upon winter, generation after generation. The sturdy steel frame means that the sledge is very durable, and the brake ensures safe use. The sledge is easy to steer thanks to the twin-tip skis and the curved front ski, while the grip zones on the steering wheel provide a good and steady grip. The STIGA Snowracer Color Pro also features an automatic winder, which allows your child to pull the snowracer with ease. The sledge can withstand a maximum user weight of 90 kg, which means that an adult can also enjoy some winter fun!