Bellima F130
kr. 5.749.000 Setja í körfu

Bellima F130

kr. 5.749.000


Fjölmargir kjósa enn að fá einfaldar og nettar stakar rúlluvélar. Bellima er svarið.

Bellima F 130 er einföld rúlluvél með netbindingu.

Bellima rúlluvélarnar eru eins einfaldar og völ er á. Í þessum vélum er ekki verið að flækja vélbúnað með of mörgum keðjum og tannhjólum. Þannig eru þær viðhaldslitlar, áreiðanlegar og einstaklega endingargóðar. 

Innifalið í verðinu er netbinding og stærri dekkin, 15.0/55-17 10 PR.

Verð eru birt án vsk. Verðlistinn miðar við gengi EUR = 145 ISK. Tilboðsverðin gilda af forpöntuðum vélum til 5. janúar 2024. Forpantaðar vélar eru afhentar samsettar heim á hlað.


Bellima F 130

  • The fixed chamber baler with simple design
  • Low dead weight
  • Net and/or twine wrapping
  • Chain-and-slat elevator for smooth & efficient operation
  • The enclosed bale chamber minimizes fragmentation
  • Elevator slats mesh with the crop for effective bale roll
  • The mechanical rear door saves the hydraulic system
  • Versatile machine for all types of crop
  • Simple, low-maintenance design
The extra wide pick-up with packer is standard specification on Bellima F 130. Arranged close to the tines and to the starter roller inside the bale chamber, the packer tines ensure  a consistent flow of the crop even in short chops, boosting intake capacity and productivity.

The packer supports the pick-up and improves the material flow from the pick-up to the starter roller plus ensures the chamber is filled uniformly.


Chain-and-slat elevator


  • Consistent 1.20 m (3’11”) bale diameters
  • Effective bale roll, no stops, less fragmentation
  • Low power input
  • Simple design with only one drive chain

The concept of the chain-and-slat elevator has proven extremely well in silage, hay and straw harvesting around the world. The endless chain-and-slat elevator forms bales of extremely high densities, exerting a firm grip on the bale and ensuring a constant roll – even in short and dry material Another advantage is reduced fragmentation and low power input.

The enclosed bale chamber with the endless chain-and-slat elevator on Bellima rolls the bale by adding layer after layer, forming densely packed and well-shaped bales. The machine’s great feeding properties allow the elevator to start bale rolls earlier and so the baling cycle finishes earlier as well. Another boon is the denser core. Packing more material and density into each bale translates into higher-quality silage and better exploitation of truck capacities.

By meshing with the material, the chain-and-slat elevator ensures effective bale roll and highest densities.


The art of refinement


Bellima – the art of refinement. Buying a Bellima means tapping into KRONE‘s vast experience and expertise gained in decades of baler manufacturing. We at KRONE understand farmers’ needs. Our round balers operate around the world and have proven excellently in a wide variety of conditions. In addition to providing high bale densities, KRONE balers are extremely robust, simple by design and perfect in specification. Last but not least, they offer superior operational reliability.

Positive bale starts: The profiled starter roller takes care of an instant bale start, optimizes the entire process and takes load off the rear door, which is ideal when baling heavy silage bales.

Pressure indicators on either side: Baling pressure indicators on either side of the machine show the current loading inside the chamber so the operator can correct his steering and ensure the chamber is filled uniformly – for uniform bale densities and shapes.

Little helpers: An audible / LED alarm is available as an option to indicate acoustically and visually when the baling pressure is right so the operator can trigger the twine wrapping cycle.

The bale ejector with integral tray ejects the bale fast and effectively. It allows the baler to start the next baling cycle while the tailgate is still closing. This small detail allows you to bale up to six extra bales per hour!


Net wrapping


  • Short baling cycles for more bales per hour
  • Bales break up quickly and easily in animal buildings
  • Effective start of the wrapping cycle, short feed distances

The net wrapping system is straightforward by design and offers superior functionality. Net wrapping is faster than twine tying so boosting your hourly throughputs. Higher throughputs free up time for other jobs and cut fuel consumption per bale.
The net wrap system accepts KRONE excellent net rolls with a total net length of up to 3,000 m (11,811′).

The net wrapping unit takes 2600 m and 3000 m (8,530′ and 11,811′) net rolls and is located on the front end of the machine for excellent visibility and monitoring. There is room for one spare roll.

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