Bensínbrúsi flatur 5L
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Bensínbrúsi flatur 5L

kr. 15.990

Flatur fimm lítra bensínbrúsi. Festing fylgir ekki.

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Plastic fuel can  5L

Plastic fuel canister with a screw capvolume 5 litres, dimensions 29 x 25 x 12 cm, standard diameter of the filler cap, separate vent cap for easy and quick fuel tank filling. From high quality impact resistant polyethylene, possible to order special mounting brackets for attaching the canister to your ATV.

Shark lock for case (CASE5L-LOCK) is not included!


  • 5 liters volume
  • Screw cap
  • Separate vent cap for easy and quick fuel tank filling
  • Possible to order mounting bracket for easy attaching the canister to your ATV
  • Red color
  • Materialimpact resistant polyethylene


  • 29 x 25 x 12 cm