Dísel bætiefni fyrir common rail

Dísel bætiefni fyrir common rail

kr. 2.990


Diesel Additive – Common Rail FÖRCH 5*

  • For all high pressure diesel system and direct injection e.g. Common-Rail, pump nozzle etc. developed for specific requirements of latest technology
  • Especially recommended for Longlife Service intervals
  • Suitable for soot particle filters
  • Reliably elmininates contamination in the whole system
  • Provides optimum atomisation, engine and fuel efficiency
  • Guarantees safe lubrication throughout the system, especially of the pressure pump
  • Reduces the risk of water ingress and absorbs moisture contamination

Fields of application:

  • Suitable for all diesel engines. Especially suited for catalytic converters, turbos and soot particle filter. Sufficient for up to 80 litres of diesel fuel.


  • Can be used by simply adding to diesel fuel in tank or by means of cleaning device.

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