kr. 9.890


Foam pressure pump sprayer

  • Foam sprayer (1 l) suitable for liquid detergents with foaming properties, provided they do not corrode the materials in use (see directions for use)
  • Pressure build-up to max. 3 bar
  • Suitable for:

– R550 multi-cleaner concentrate (Art. No. 6100 1770)

– R564 glass cleaner (Art. No. 6100 1740)

– R515 rim cleaner (Art. No. 6100 1750)

  • Not suitable for: Formic and hydrofluoric acid in any concentration, acids and lyes in high concentration, oils and fuels, fluids warmer than +40 °C, viscous, adhesive or residue forming fluids, media that cause crack formation on plastic

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