Frystisprey -40°C

Frystisprey -40°C

kr. 7.890


Freezer Spray

  • Immediate local cooling to -40 °C
  • For defect detection, assembly assistance, cleaning, etc.
  • For immediate rapid cooling of carburetor and injection systems as well as transistors and resistors

    For immediate cold display for diagnosis purposes after turning off the device, e.g. cold start devices

  • To make the insertion of connectors, bearings, shafts, etc. in the tightest locations easier by shrinking them through cooling

    For the residue-free removal of chewing gum residue; freezing makes the matter very brittle so that it can be easily removed


  • Spray onto the surface to be cooled for a few seconds. The cooling effect can be enhanced or reduced depending on how long you spray
  • Caution: Danger of freezing through contact with the skin. Keep away from sources of ignition and do not spray onto hot surfaces: Decomposition of the product can release toxic pyrolysis products.

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