Ryðbreytir L296

Ryðbreytir L296

kr. 3.490


Korrostop-Rust Converter L296

• Rust converter and epoxy primer

• Forms an organometalic iron complex together with the neutralized rust layer

• Very good effectiveness and further processing due to high penetration into the rust pores and perfect film forming


  • For the industrial maintenance of constructions, facilities, machinery, vehicles, etc.
  • Can be painted over after about 6 hours
  • This black, resistant protective layer created, in conjuction with the epoxy resin components, forms a perfect primer coat layer Compatible with all standard putty, fillers and top coats (without nitro)
  • Heavy metal-free, mineral acid-free


  • Removes loose rust, dirt, grease, as well as paint layers infiltrated with rust. Clean rust patch carefully.
  • Shake can well before use for at least 2 min.
  • Depending on the degree of rust, spray 2 – 4 layers
  • Spray from a distance of 25 cm
  • Do not process below +10 °C

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