Snjótannafesting fyrir fjórhjól
kr. 69.990 Setja í körfu

Snjótannafesting fyrir fjórhjól

kr. 69.990

Snjótannafesting fyrir langvinsælustu snjótennurnar okkar, sjá snjótönn hér:

Universal adapter to attach Shark Snow Plow 52″/132 cm and Shark 60″/152 cm, for all types of ATV and UTV, quick attach system, mounting kit included.

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Shark ATV / UTV Snow Plow Adapter

The adapter is mounted to the underside of your ATV / UTV and quickly attaches Shark Snow Plows. Adapter is 12 cm longer than previous versions, so that Shark Snow Plows can be attached to all popular ATVs / UTVs.


  • Universal adapter to attach Shark Snow Plow
  • For 52″/132 cm and 60″/ 152 cm Shark Snow Plows
  • Length extended by 12 cm
  • Quick attach system
  • For all ATVs / UTVs
  • Mounting kit included
  • New heavy duty packaging – the adapter can be now shipped as a standard shipment by normal delivery services