kr. 2.790


Pipe and Drain Cleaner

  • Highly alkaline cleaner for effective removal of stubborn pipe blockages
  • Easily dissolves away hair, cotton, wool, scraps of paper, soap residues, food residues, grease blockages etc.
  • The cleaner spreads evenly in the pipe and outlet, dissolves residues completely while eliminating unpleasant odours
  • Basic ingredient: Potassium hydroxide
  • pH value: 13

Usage instructions:

  • Pour about 200 ml of undiluted pipe and drain cleaner into the sink outlet
  • The effect is multiplied by immediately adding approx. 200 ml of hot water
  • Allow to act for approx. 1/2 hours and rinse with warm water
  • When stubborn increase the dosage eventually
  • For prevention and odour elimination pour approx. 40 – 50 ml weekly into the outlet and let take effect
  • Attention: Not to be mixed with other acidic products!

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