Stiga Comet 5 ára + hlaupahjól – blátt

Stiga Comet 5 ára + hlaupahjól – blátt

kr. 9.490


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A kick scooter for kids who want to start riding on two wheels

Comet 120-S is the perfect first scooter for your growing child who wants to master the two-wheel scooter. The scooter is small, light and easy to steer thanks to the solid construction. The PU wheels provide a soft, smooth glide for children who have just started to ride a kick scooter, and the grip-friendly TPE handles have been specially designed to suit small hands. The kick scooter also has a foot brake on the rear wheel and anti-slip protection on the deck, thus ensuring a safe ride for your child and ease of mind for you as a parent. Like many of our other scooters, it can easily be folded away, to store or take on travels. A stylish and practical kick scooter that will make any journey much more fun, be it to the nursery or to visit friends!
  • A kids’ scooter that is small and easy to steer.
  • Perfect for children who have outgrown the smaller models.
  • Adjustable height and firm deck for comfortable, safe riding.
  • Easy to fold and store.
  • Suitable for children from 5 years (max. weight 50 kg).
  • Rider weight maximum 50 kg. Age 5+.