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Stiga Estate 3084H sláttutraktor

kr. 639.990


Þessi traktor er mjög vandaður og komin er mikil reynsla á mótorinn í þessum. Í honum er eins sílinders Briggs&Stratton mótor með víbringsvörn. Hann er með 84 sm. sláttuborð með tveimur hnífum og 240 l. safnkassa. Hann er ætlaður fyrir þægilegar lóðir allt að 3.500 fm.

  • 344 cc. Briggs&Stratton mótor – 5.8 KW
  • 84 sm. sláttuborð með tveimur stýrihjólum
  • Stór 240 l. safnkassi.
  • Sjálfskiptur, fram og aftur á sama pedala
  • LED ljós
  • Niðursöxunarbúnaður fylgir
  • Öflug grind og öxlar

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The high-specification STIGA Estate 3084 H brings cutting-edge design to the domestic-use garden tractor market and offers numerous features that will make maintaining your lawn more of a pleasure than a chore.

Key amongst those features is its Briggs & Stratton PowerBuilt 3130-Series engine, combined with a roomy 240-litre grass collector, granting great cutting and collecting performance. The tractor can also be used in rear-discharge mode, where cuttings are laid out in neat rows behind the tractor; or in mulching mode, where they’re shredded and spread evenly across the grass to act as a natural – and free – organic fertilizer.

With the Estate 3084 H, there’s no need to change gear in order to adjust the ground speed – instead, you’ll be able to accelerate and decelerate in infinite increments using a foot-pedal, which in turn improves maneuverability and makes it easy to work around obstacles.

The 84 cm cutter-deck that comes with this model can be raised and lowered through seven stages (25-80mm) to suit both the grass length and the operator’s preferred finish.

Powerful but energy-efficient LED headlights mean you can continue mowing and towing in poor light; while an adjustable seat works with a raised steering wheel to confer the very best in driver comfort.

Also featured are effortless electromagnetic PTO activation; turf-protecting anti-scalp deck wheels; and a front bumper that prevents damage from any accidental impact.