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Stiga SBC 656 D sláttuorf

kr. 94.990

Mjög öflugt 53 cc. tvígengis sláttuorf sem er ætlað í mikla vinnu. Mjög gott vesti fylgir með.

  • 52.8 cc. tvígengis bensínmótor
  • U-laga tveggja handa handfang
  • Beint skaft
  • 45 sm. sláttubreidd
  • Lengt í þræði með dumpa haus niður
  • Þriggja blaða hnífur fylgir
  • Mjög gott vesti fylgir

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The STIGA SBC 656 D brushcutter is powered by a 52.8 cc (net power output of 1.7 kW) 2-stroke petrol engine and has a 45 cm cutting width. The innovative EEM (electronic engine management) system makes for easy starting as the engine is electrically controlled, and it is designed without an air lever so that using it is fast and easy, with less energy consumption, less wear and longer performance. This brushcutter is compact, well balanced and reinforced against impacts. It has ergonomic bike-style handlebars for a firm grip and total control of the machine to allow safe operation. The new clip system lets you adjust the handle simply and quickly. The brushcutter has a 3-point tri-arc metal blade and next-generation Tap&Go dual-line trimmer head that quickly releases the line by simply tapping the head on the ground.