Stiga SnowRacer Iconic sleði – blár
kr. 15.990 Setja í körfu

Stiga SnowRacer Iconic sleði – blár

kr. 15.990

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  • The classic STIGA Snowracer in a smaller model that’s suitable even for the smallest of riders.
  • A smaller sledge with a sturdy steel frame and a reliable brake for safe riding.
  • Features straight skis and a steering wheel that’s easy to control.
  • The towing rope makes it easy for the child to pull the sledge.
  • Maximum user weight: 80 kg.
  • Suitable for children from 5 years.

STIGA Snowracer Iconic is a tribute to our classic sledge that has been enjoyed for generations. A timeless design with straight skis, a sturdy steel frame, a steering wheel and a reliable brake for stable and safe riding. The model is available in eye-catching colours and is slightly smaller than our other snowracers, making it suitable even for a smallest of riders. Thanks to the towing rope, your child can easily pull the sledge up the slope or to and from nursery school.