Veggjakrotshreinsir R543

Veggjakrotshreinsir R543

kr. 4.490


Graffiti remover R543

  • Highly effective, solvent-free cleaner of paint drawings of all types indoors and outdoors
  • Reliable, non-damaging removal of adhesive residues, synthetic resins, paint drawings, slogans, and graffiti
  • Suitable for use on substrates such as concrete, limestone, sandstone, brick masonry, rubber, plastics, metals, painted surfaces and full thermal insulation, etc.
  • Particularly recommended for removing graffiti and stickers on street signs without damaging the reflective film


  • On porous and rough surfaces: Apply the graffiti remover generously and evenly onto the graffiti, work in with a brush and allow to soak in depending on the extent of the soiling. Then rinse off using a high pressure cleaner, water temperature 70 to 90 °C and pressure 80 to 100 bar. Always direct the steam jet away from the treated surface towards an area that has already been cleaned.
  • On smooth surfaces: Apply the graffiti remover onto the graffiti with a brush or pump spray bottle and allow to soak in depending on the extent of the soiling. There is no need to work in the remover. Then rinse down the area with water or wipe down with a cloth/sponge. A high pressure cleaner can also be used for this purpose.
  • Free from AOX and silicone
  • Biodegradable

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