Flugnahreinsir R565

Flugnahreinsir R565

kr. 2.590


R565 insect remover

  • Easily removes insect residue and bird droppings from paint and glass
  • Alkaline, pH value undiluted: 12.5
  • Undiluted application possible
  • Short application time
  • Suitable for windows, laquer, chrome, and plastic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • NTA-free (nitrilotriacetic acid)
  • Do not use in the sun and on hot surfaces
  • Do not let it dry
  • Spray on the surface and let it work shortly (1 min)
  • Assist the cleaning with a sponge in case of stubborn insect leftovers
  • Rinse with water (ideally a high-pressure washer)
  • Carry out pretest in case of sensitive surfaces

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