Plastáferð L245

Plastáferð L245

kr. 3.290


Plastic Texture Fix L245

  • For the treatment of i.e. repaired or damaged plastic surface textures, plastic parts, bumpers, spoilers, etc.
  • Alkyd / plastic base
  • Colour: Black


  • Thoroughly clean the surface to be treated using silicone remover, polishes or plastic care
  • Apply Plastic Texture Fix thinly and evenly onto the dry surface
  • Depending on the spraying distance you can achieve a fine or a rough texture
  • After drying ( 15 – 25 mins) overpaint with proper plastic paint or colour

Working steps:

1. Sticking preparation

2. Apply plastic adhesive

3. Grinding

4. Repair the plastic surface texture

5. Paint

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