Ryðleysir S444

Ryðleysir S444

kr. 3.390


Rust Solvent S444 FÖRCH 5*

  • Mineral-oil-free, high-tech rust solvent
  • Penetrates even the smallest crevices, thanks to its

    innovative formula, and infiltrates and dissolves the rust

    to free the connection

  • The dissolving power of the product increases with application time

    (up to 24 hrs.)

  • Extraordinary dissolving power, extreme capillary activity
  • Infiltrates moisture and actively removes deposits, e.g.

    encrusted dirt, oil residue or resin from the


  • Thanks to its excellent penetrating and cleaning properties, it is also

    suitable for the cleaning of rust film, rust stains, oil, limescale, cement, soot

    and oxidation residues

  • Does not corrode conventional metal and rubber engine compartment


  • Low-friction active ingredients prevent

    tilting again when unscrewing

  • Safe for humans and the environment: mineral-oil-free and biodegradable,

    free from grease, resins, heavy metals, silicone and AOX

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