Silfur R9006 – 4+1

Silfur R9006 – 4+1

kr. 3.390


Thick Coat Lacquer 4-in-1 RAL-Colours L222

  • Active rust protection due to effective 4-in-1

    thick coat lacquer:

    1. Effective primer for perfect adhesion

    2. Active rust protection

    3. High covering colour spray

    4. Protective sealing against environmental influences

  • Satin gloss
  • Quick drying
  • Excellent adherence on almost all substrates, e.g. iron, untreated and galvanised steel, copper, brass, aluminium, old paintings, wood, stone, glass fibre reinforced plastic, glass etc.
  • High quality synthetic resin
  • High coverage and filling
  • Impact resistant after drying
  • UV-resistant, anti-yellowing
  • Weather proof, water resistant
  • Variable wide beam nozzle for horizontal and vertical spraying and extensive clean results
  • Drying (at 20 °C, 50 % rel. humidity):

    – dust dry after 10 min

    – touchable after 20 min

    – cured and overpaintable: after 12 hours

  • Temperature resistant up to +80 °C

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