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Stiga Runracer 3 ára + jafnvægishjól – svart

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STIGA Runracer – the easiest way to learn to ride a bike

It’s hard to learn to ride a bike, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll never forget. STIGA Runracer is a balance bike that’s the perfect choice when your kid is keen to get cycling on two wheels. But not only that! It makes the journey to nursery school or a walk in the park much more exciting. The balance bike (also known as a run bike) has no pedals that get in the way or training wheels that make it more difficult for your child to find the balance required for cycling on two wheels. Thus your child is able to fully concentrate on the authentic cycling experience right from the start. The transition to a “real” bike suddenly becomes much easier. STIGA Runracer is a stylish balance bike with a steel frame and solid handles that can withstand knocks to the ground (something that’s sure to happen quite often). The tyres are quiet and maintenance-free, and leave no marks if your child wants to practice indoors. The saddle height is easily adjustable (from 37 to 43.5 cm), which means the bike can grow together with your child.
  • STIGA Runracer – the perfect balance bike when your kid is learning to cycle.
  • No pedals and training wheels facilitate quick learning and balance control.
  • Stable steel frame and handles that can withstand a harder grip.
  • Easily adjustable saddle height (37-43.5 cm).
  • Quiet, maintenance-free tyres that don’t leave marks.
  • Suitable for children from 3 years (max. weight 50 kg),