Swadro Highland einnar stjörnu rakstrarvélar
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Swadro Highland einnar stjörnu rakstrarvélar

kr. 1.199.000kr. 1.349.000


Highland línan frá Krone er ný lína af framsláttuvélum, snúningsvélum og rakstrarvélum sem hönnuð er fyrir erfiðari aðstæður. Það sem gerir Highland frábrugðið öðrum tækjum er að þau leggjast nær dráttarvélinni og þyngdarpunkturinn er mjög neðarlega. Þannig hefurðu mikið betri stjórn á tækjunum í brekkum og erfiðu landslagi. 

Verð eru birt án vsk. Verðlistinn miðar við gengi EUR = 145 ISK. Tilboðsverðin gilda af forpöntuðum vélum til 5. janúar 2024. Forpantaðar vélar eru afhentar samsettar heim á hlað.


Swadro Highland

KRONE Lift Tines, DuraMax cam track and stepless height control – the powerful three for perfect swath presentation.
The Lift Effect for maximum harvesting efficiency Boxy and uniform swaths are essential for the productivity of the following harvester – the round baler or forager. The steep and extremely small-diameter KRONE DuraMax cam track ensures the tine arms and tines run at high speed and fully controlled, picking up the grass cleanly and raking it into accurate and boxy swaths. All components – the cam track, the rotor gearboxes, the tine arms and tines – are absolutely maintenance-free, yielding valuable time in narrow harvest windows. The Lift Effect is obtained from tines whose shafts are kinked in two places and which lift the blades clear off the ground without losses – raking the grass into clean and tidy swaths. The stepless height control allows you to set the rake conveniently and with millimetre precision to the required work height. Not a single blade is left in the field, and the forage is nice and clean. The new and compact headstock is specifically designed for mounting to compact and mountain tractors. Offering two coupling options, this type of attachment moves the Swadro closer to the tractor, shifting more weight to the front axle and maximising stability even in the steepest terrain.

KRONE Lift tines

Clean windrows, better feed

  • Greater ground clearance
  • Higher work rates
  • No crop contamination
  • Higher-quality forage
  • Minimum crop loss

Setting the tines to an optimum position: The special Lift tines perform better, because their ends maintain a steep angle even in heavy crop and lift it more easily, which leads to more uniform windrows. As a result, the machine can work at a faster pace and still deliver consistently well shaped windrows.

No crop contamination: Thanks to their excellent performance, the Lift tines can work at a greater ground clearance than traditional tines. And thus reduce the risk of crop contamination as well as tine wear.

Heavy-duty and maintenance-free

  • Maintenance-free rotors and rotor gearboxes
  • Hard-wearing DuraMax cam tracks with a three-year warranty
  • Rotors featuring the KRONE Jet Effect to avoid crop contamination on headlands
Permanently lubricated and maintenance-free. The enclosed bevel gearboxes and the tine arm rollers are permanently lubricated for optimum care and attention. So, operators need not bother to lube a single component on the rotor.
Boosting the productivity of the entire harvest chain is no problem for KRONE Swadro. The steep cam track is made from hard-wearing materials and provides precision guidance for the tines. A small track diameter in combination with massive cams make for quiet running, reduce wear and lead to well-shaped swaths. DuraMax cam track – maximum efficiency and maintenance-free components. Swadro is fun to use.

The Jet Effect

The KRONE Jet Effect prevents the tines from damaging the sward on the headland and ensures the crop stays clean. As the bogies are lowered into work, the rear wheels touch down first before the leading wheels follow. Vice versa, as the rotors lift out it is the leading wheels that lift out first and the rear wheels that follow. This is identical with the take-off and touch-down phases observed with airplanes.

Stable running and tidy windrowing

  • Large-diameter and thick-walled tine arms ensure absolutely dependable operation
  • Easy and fast tine arm attachment and removal
  • Sturdy foldback mechanism

Each tine arm is easily removed: Simply undo two bolts to remove the entire arm complete with bearing and roller.

Sturdy foldback mechanism: Gap-free and hard-wearing functionality comes from a holder that is made from hardened steel and has a pivoting joint that is loaded by a Belleville spring on the models with multiple rotors.

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