Swadro S/TS hliðarrakstrarvélar
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Swadro S/TS hliðarrakstrarvélar

kr. 1.249.000kr. 4.999.000


Tímalaus hönnun Swadro gerir þær einfaldar og áreiðanlegar. Rakstrarvélarnar frá Krone þola mikið álag og eru hannaðar til að skilja ekkert eftir, jafnvel í mjög þungum aðstæðum. Á sama tíma eru þær svo til viðhaldsfríar.

* Vélar merktar með stjörnu er hægt að fá í Twin útfærslu fyrir 239.200 + vsk. aukalega. Þá geta þær rakað bæði í miðju og til hliðar.

Verð eru birt án vsk. Verðlistinn miðar við gengi EUR = 145 ISK. Tilboðsverðin gilda af forpöntuðum vélum til 5. janúar 2024. Forpantaðar vélar eru afhentar samsettar heim á hlað.


Side delivery rotary rakes Swadro S | TS

The KRONE Swadro S and TS line-up of rotary rakes offers the largest choice of side delivery rakes in the market. Our programme comprises an unmatched number of models and variants – from the single-rotor rakes for non-contiguous fields all the way up to the Swadro TS 970, the world’s most unique three-rotor rake for maximum productivity and harvester capacities.


The world of Swadro S | TS models


Swadro 35 or 38 and 38 T: 3.50 m or 3.80 m work width

Swadro S 380: 3.80 m work width

Swadro 42 and 42 T: 4.20 m work width

Swadro S 420: 4.20 m work width

Swadro 46 and 46 T: 4.60 m work width

Swadro S 460: 4.60 m work width

Swadro TS 620: 6.20 m work width

Swadro TS 620 Twin: Work width: 6.20 m (2 rotors of 3.46 m each)

Swadro TS 680: 6.80 m work width

Swadro TS 680 Twin: Work width: 6.80 m (2 rotors of 3.80 m each)

Swadro TS 740: 7.40 m work width

Swadro TS 740 Twin: Work width: 7.40 m (2 rotors of 4.10 m each)

Swadro TS 970: 9.70 m work width

Swadro 710/26 T: Work width: 6.20 m (2 rotors of 3.40 m each)


The pull-type and cardanic design


  • „ 3D contouring in any direction
  • „ Best possible 3D contouring for all tines
  • „ Clean forage, no losses

The Swadro rotors are pulled in direction of travel. Its pull-type suspension in combination its central arrangement allows the rotor to stay level when lifting and lowering. Its weight is uniformly distributed to all gauge wheels, ensuring optimum contouring and minimizing contamination and losses.

The KRONE Jet Effect ensures the tines will not dig into the ground when the rotors lower and lift. Emulating the touch-down and take-off behaviour of an airplane, The clever design of the rotor suspension ensures there is always a maximum of clear space between the tine and the sward when the rotor lifts and lowers out and into work – an intelligent system that helps protect the sward and avoids crop contamination.

The rotors suspend in a pull-type and cardanic configuration which provides exact guidance to the tines and optimum contouring – both in and across the direction of travel. This way the tines pick up every haulm but not a single grain of sand. Uncontaminated forage, minimum loss rates and high work rates – this is the Swadro definition of quality work.


The Swadro rotor gearbox


  • Sealed and maintenance-free rotor gearboxes
  • „Fuel-efficient gear ratio
  • „Permanently fluid greased

The Swadro rotor gearbox is powerful and yet frugal in terms of tractor power. Thanks to its large gear ratio,
Swadro requires only low pto speeds at minimum wear. Compared to other swathing systems, Swadro rotary rakes stand out for low input power and great fuel economy.

The weather sets the pace in forage harvesting. Maintenance- free and permanently liquid greased rotor gearboxes make the KRONE Swadro a very reliable partner in your harvest campaign. Swadro is always ready to go, ensuring dependable operation in narrow harvest windows. No time is wasted on service stops. Come rain or harvester

No matter how difficult the conditions, the Swadro rotor gearboxes deliver reliable performance and great stability without any servicing or maintenance. Count on these qualities.


The DuraMax cam track


  • Maintenance-free
  • „Special Bainite hardness
  • „Dry cam track

Stand-out features of our DuraMax cam track is the extremely small diameter and steep track design. It is this unique design and its effect that lead to the formation of optimum swaths in all conditions. The small diameter of the cam track combines with the massive size of the rollers for smooth and low-wear operation. As the tine arms follow the steep curve the tines are promptly lifted out of work, forming boxy and optimum swaths in all conditions.

The KRONE cam track features the unique Bainite structure which is obtained by a special hardening process. Accordingly, this cam track has a very durable surface and yet a flexible core, a combination that results in low wear. This type of coating also reduces rolling resistance for reduced friction, wear and power input.


The Swadro tine arms


  • Maximum stability and reliability
  • Wear-free and gap-free folding arms
  • „Swift changeovers
  • „Integrated predetermined bending point

Maximum stability and reliability. The Swadro tine arms set the benchmark in terms of durability and reliable operation. The massive design of the arms with pre-machined notches makes these arms stand out in the rotary rake sector, because it withstands the highest loads and brings peace of mind in extremely difficult conditions.

Some KRONE Swadro models have foldable tine arms either as a standard feature or an option for reduced transport heights. This unique folding mechanism reduces the transport height and width in a matter of minutes without requiring the operator to remove the arms and carry them to their holder on the machine, reducing the strain on the operator and saving time and money when changing fields. Belleville springs inside the arms connect the two parts reliably and fast, a solution that eliminates potential wear of a locking pin or hole. At the same time, the connection is gap-free and very durable to give reliable operation in many harvest seasons.


The ­KRONE Lift Tine


  • Clean forage thanks to the Lift Effect
  • High work rates and no fragmentation
  • Improved forage quality
  • Reduced losses

All current KRONE Swadro models have the KRONE Lift Tines as standard specification. Kinked in two positions, these tines offer significant benefits that have been verified in KRONE field tests and a DLG Focus Test.

For more than 10 years, the KRONE Lift Tine has convinced our customers around the world in terms of quality forage and rakes. Kinked in two positions, the vertical tine lifts the material clear off the ground. This is the secret behind producing clean forage in difficult conditions. The Lift Effect sees the grass moving up the length of the tine. Even extremely wet and heavy material will not bend the tines which are up to 10.5 mm thick and are coiled around large-diameter arms for greatest stability and tidiest rakes.

DLG confirms: Less contamination and fewer losses in the raking pass

  • We place greatest importance on clean forage and an excellent raking quality. Therefore, we seek scientific evidence in confirmation to our visual assessments.
  • Consequently, we submitted the KRONE Lift Tines to a DLG Focus Test in order to assess the level of crop contamination and rake quality and compare the results with other tine systems
  • The results were indeed very clear: The KRONE Lift Tines reduce crop contamination with raw ash to levels of less than 9% – at any forward speed.
  • In addition, the special design of the tine reduces losses by up to 2.1% compared with other systems. Losses never reach 1.5% of the total crop yield, not even when work rates are high.


The bogies on the ­KRONE Swadro rakes


  • Gauge wheels on high flotation tyres run very close to the tines
  • The largest wheelbase on the market
  • Adjuster changes the rotor angle across the direction of travel for optimum swaths and loss-free rakes.
  • Caster steer wheels at front and rear (option) protect the sward

The wheels under the KRONE Swadro rotors never lose contact with the ground, not even the roughest terrain. The largest possible contact area and pivoting range in combination with suitable tyres ensures no blade is left on the sward and the sward is not damaged. Clean and intact swards are the cornerstone for top quality forage also from the next cut.

The guide wheels on the bogies run very close to the tines for effective guidance and contouring. As the wheels cover a large surface area, the tines pick up every single blade without contacting the sward. In addition, every model has individual setting options that help adjust the bogies to the specific conditions. The leading wheels are castering. High flotation tyres are options for soft and boggy terrain and two extra wheels are available for each rotor for work in very rough pastures.

An optimum rotor tilt across the direction of travel translates into minimal losses and boxy swaths. All Swadro rotors tilt as a standard feature. The lateral tilt controls the position of the tines relative to the ground and is set on the rear wheels of each rotor. In fact, the rotor should tilt slightly towards the swath in order to balance out the load the material puts on the tines. KRONE recommends a 1-2 cm tilt toward the swath.


Extraordinary simplicity


  • Mounted in the three-point linkage and offering 3.80 m to 4.60 m working widths
  • Unique caster-steered headstock with patented lower link couplers offers two attachment options
  • A level of operator comfort and setup accuracy that is second-to-none

The new Swadro S single-rotor rakes with 3.80 m, 4.20 m and 4.60 m working widths stand out for great longevity and reliability but also in terms of operator comfort and convenient setup. Their remarkable level of
reliability and longevity is attributed to their durable drive components that are sourced from the KRONE
high-output rakes. Also, the compact Swadro S build offers the best possible view of the rotors and the swath whilst the precise and convenient setting options make for easiest use and optimum results.

Featuring the patented KRONE tractor attachment, the Swadro S single- rotor rakes are mounted in the rear linkage. The robust tube steel headstock offers storage positions for the pto shaft and the electric line. It makes coupling an easy job as all operations are carried out on the left side of the machine. Its flexible connection to the main beam plus the balancing arm and damper struts automatically align the Swadro S single- rotor rake centrally behind the tractor.

All Swadro S single-rotor rakes offer as many as four coupling options for the top link – three round holes that suit various tractor ends plus one slot that ensures optimum ground following of models that have the leading gauge wheel.

All three Swadro S rakes couple to short lower link arms, which brings them close to the tractor and shifts up to 10% more weight to the front axle than regular single-rotor rakes do. As such, these rakes are also suitable for running behind small and compact tractors.

NEW: Swadro S 380, S 420, S 460

  • Great agility and best tracking thanks to the tracking mechanism and balancing arm
  • Mechanical or hydraulic dampers provide powerful and yet gentle alignment centrally behind the tractor
  • The KRONE Jet Effect controls the tines during life-out and touch-down
  • Standard four-wheel running gear for treading softly on big flotation tyres
  • Leading gauge wheel is an option for perfect contour following in uneven terrain

The Swadro single-rotor rakes deliver outstanding results. The damper struts, the balancing arm and the pull-type configuration of the rotors combine and interact for optimum castering. The wheels are clad with big flotation tyres and run in close vicinity to the tines for accurate contour following. This is the formula for raking up every single blade of grass without damaging the turf.

Swadro S single-rotor rakes

  • Down-to-the millimetre rotor height settings and accurate scales
  • Convenient curtain fold-up mechnism takes out the hard work
  • Foldable tine arms feature wear-free and gapless joints

The Swadro S single-rotor rakes stand out for ease of operation. For example, work height and swath width are changed on the left side of the rake or even from the cab as an option. The tine arms are foldable and need not removing and storing into transport position so changeovers from field to road are fast and easy.

The working height is easily set on a manual crank that sets the height down to the millimetre for accurate ground contouring. The current height is indicated on the scale, eliminating awkward measurements and ensuring the rake is set exactly to the cutting height of the mower.

An electric height control is also available which allows you to change the rotor height from the cab. The current setting is displayed on the in-cab screen and quickly adapted without dismounting – a feature that saves valuable time.

On entry-level machines, the curtain is manually folded and extended into the required swating width, which is assisted by a spring. In addition, folding releases a torsion resistance mechanism on the rotor, protecting this from operator errors.

The swathing curtain can be operated hydraulically from a double-acting spool which lowers the curtain into work and then extends it to the desired swathing width. This routine is reversed when the curtain is raised out of work. The ram features end of stroke cushioning which makes the foulding routing soft and gentle.


Single-rotor models for three-point linkage attachment


  • Standard tandem axle and flotation tyres
  • Stepless work height control for a consistently high-quality forage
  • The leading gauge wheel controls the rotor for smooth action in undulating terrain

The single-rotor Swadro models of 3.50 m to 4.60 m work widths (11’6″ to 15’1″) for threepoint attachment feature unique strength and engineering. Many of their well-proven features have been taken over from the
high-capacity rakes. The wide bogie with a castering tandem axle and the optional leading gauge wheel provide accurate tine control for super clean forage even from undulating fields and deep ruts.

Fitted with Super Balloon 16/6.50-8-ply tyres, these Swadro single-rotor rakes simply got the right boots. These tyres offer superior rides and light treading for best protection of the sward.

The Swadro single-rotor rakes have a tandem axle as standard specification with wheels running closely alongside the tines – a set-up that ensures perfect contouring and cleanest rakes in undulating terrain.

No grass blade is left behind – not even in heavy material. The tilt is adjusted from a pin/hole setting system on either side of the rotor.

The height-adjustable and caster-steered gauge wheel is an optional extra which brings better ground hugging in undulating terrain.

A selection of holes for the top link ensures optimum rotor control in all conditions. The attachment via the top link in the elongated hole allows the use of a leading gauge wheel.

The rotor depth is controlled steplessly from a crank that is operated from the tractor seat – a quick and easy system that warrants clean and loss-free rakes.

As the machine is raised into transport position, the damping rods retract automatically, aligning the machine centrally behind the tractor.

The patented tracking system steers the KRONE rakes through the tightest turns. Combining a swing arm with damping rods leads to a steering angle of about 20° which in turn translates into excellent manoeuvrability and an enormous lift-out height.

The damping rods ensure the machine tracks dependably behind the tractor when travelling at speed and working downhill.

Adjusting the crop deflector is as easy as it can get. Simply telescope the unit in and out as necessary to adjust it to the current conditions and header widths of the following harvester.

No crop is lost, even when working in curved lines. The 20° steering angle is useful in small and awkward fields where it enables operators to gather all the material even in tight curves and form a perfect swath.

A massive coil spring supports the crop deflector as this is being raised into transport position. At the same time, the transport locking system of the rotor is lowered. This applies to machines that are specified with folding tine arms.

Folding the outer tine arms into transport position is a quick and straightforward job – just a small effort.


Trailed single-rotor rakes


  • Wide working width
  • Low power input
  • Parallel-linkage controlled drawbar
  • Standard tandem axle and 18″ tyres
  • Swadro 38 T and 42 T not available in Germany

The 38 T, 42 T and 46 T additions to the Swadro model range were developed in response to farmer demands for a trailed and well-proven single-rotor rake that offers the well-proven Swadro technology. The tandem axle on these models serves also as transport chassis.

The tandem axle runs on standard 18″ Super Balloon flotation tyres. The threaded spindle adjusts the lateral tilt, which useful in heavy crops. No blade of grass is left behind.

For smooth castering in tight curves, the Swadro 46 T model and the 42 T model have a leading gauge wheel as standard (46 T) and optional (42 T) specification. The height is easily set by refitting a pin.

The side arms on Swadro 46 T fold up easily into a compact transport unit for safe travel on public roads.

The parallel control on the height-adjustable and pivoting drawbar eliminates any risk of the hitch ring seizing up on the linkage drawbar or pivoting drawbar. The hydraulic ram on the drawbar levels the rotor during lift-out and lowering.

The rotors are lifted out hydraulically. These rakes offer a 500 mm (1’8″) ground clearance courtesy of the tandem chassis and the special attachment of the hydraulic cylinder – the perfect configuration for crossing a swath without disturbing it.

Adjusting the work height is easy by telescoping and securing the box section arm with a pin.

It is not pto power that limits the output of a single-rotor rake but the risk of too little load on the tractor’s front axle when the machine is lifted out of work. The solution is the Swadro 38 T, 42 T and 46 T. These trailed models were designed for small and light tractors and work on slopes. The trailed Swadro models stand out for their low tractor power input.


KRONE Easy-Line drive concept


  • A controlled material flow through the machine for best rakes
  • Boosted outputs from the forage wagon, baler or forager
  • No roping for maximum harvester performance

­The KRONE Easy-Line increases rotor rpm on the leading units by about 10% compared with the rear units, so the leading rotors present the material in a wider mat to the ones at the rear which rake it into fluffy and boxy swaths. The Easy Line driveline ensures the material doesn’t drop back on the ground once it has been picked up.

The KRONE Swadro side delivery rakes have purely mechanical drivelines where every rotor is individually protected from overload. The drive power flows reliably to all rotors, thanks to the special arrangement of the driveshafts – a design that also ensures low-power consumption.


Twin-rotor side delivery model


  • Single and double swathing
  • Right-hand swath presentation
  • Variable work width
  • Hydraulic crop deflector adjustment
  • 13 tine arms per rotor

Featuring as many as 13 tines, this KRONE 710/26 T twin-rotor side delivery rake not only offers excellent value for money but also the cleanest rakes. Swadro 710/26 T forms single and double swaths as well as two narrow swaths side by side.

The drawbar – floating drawbar or linkage drawbar – is height-adjustable and the hitch ring is controlled by a parallel linkage. The hydraulic ram on the drawbar maintains the leading rotor parallel to the ground as it is lifted and lowered.

A wide wheelbase with 18″ wheels provides excellent contouring. The wide wheelbase of the front axle provides optimum stability in sloping terrain. The working height is adjusted via these pin setting systems.

Adjusting the rotor’s lateral tilt is easy from this threaded spindle so that the rotors will also pick up the extra material that is building up on the curtain.

This is the swath presentation that suits high-capacity harvesters and light crops The working width is varied by operating a hydraulic cylinder.

Operators can quickly shift the rear rotor to the side by operating a ram which allows you to disturb all material.

This mode of swathing is selected to tailor swath sizes to small harvester capacities and in leafy crops and for making night windrows.

Forming double windrows: Raking 12.40 m (40’8″) into one double windrow

The cab controls are arranged on the right-hand side in the cab for maximum operator convenience.

Approved for 40 km/h (25 mph): Quick travel between fields save unproductive time und helps boost your daily output. The wide tandem axles and 18″ wheels provide the proper gear to achieve just that.

The front crank alters the tilt of the frame, which adapts this to the current working width. When raising the frame, the front cylinder lifts the front end first so the tines won’t poke into the sward.

Leading gauge wheels combine with the cardanic rotor suspension for perfect rotor control These castering and height adjustable wheels can also be offset to one side depending on the crop volume.

The hydraulic curtain control on the rear rotor is operated conveniently from the cab, allowing you to adapt the swath width accurately, easily and conveniently and retracting the curtain into transport position.


The trailed twin-rotor side delivery rakes


  • Flexible swathing – single swaths, double swaths and twin swaths
  • The sequence controlled rotors lift clear off the ground for stress-free headland turns
  • Individual rotor lift-out as an option for perfect rakes in corners
  • Extremely compact in transport thanks to a unique frame design

The trailed KRONE Swadro TS side-delivery rakes work at widths between 6.20 m (20’4″) and 7.40 m (24’3″) presenting the crop in single and double swaths. The Twin version forms twin swaths as standard specification. As a result, the machine covers work widths between 6.92 m (22’8″) and 8.20 m (26’11”).

The Swadro TS models can be adapted to the crop conditions and the intake capacity of the following harvester. Single swaths are ideal in high-yielding crops and when using balers or small forage wagons.

Forming a double swath: Raking up two separate swaths in one up and down operation, Swadro TS covers a work width of up to 15 m (49’3″). Double swathing is a very effective method to fully exploit the intake capacities of powerful harvest machines.

TS Twin for twin swathing: Swadro TS Twin has telescoping arms as standard. An optional crop deflector is available to complement the twin swathing specification.

Quick changeover to making two windrows: Changing Swadro TS Twin from single swathing to twin swathing is easy and straightforward. Simply telescope the two arms to accommodate the second swath.

The curtain at the front is adjusted manually with the help of a spring whereas the curtain at the rear swings automatically into work position as the rotor lowers into work. It is also possible to adjust the rear curtain with respect to its work height, its alignment in direction of travel and distance to the rotor..

Manual rotor height control: The base specification model has its work height controlled steplessly from a crank that is arranged conveniently on the outside of the rotor. A large scale indicates the current position and allows easy adjustment so that both rotors can be set very accurately and down to the millimetre.

The height of the rotors can be controlled electrically as an option to adapt to varying conditions. It is operated from a cabbased control box from where the operator controls two servomotors which set the rotor height on the move and down to the millimetre. As an option it also raises only one rotor out of work for optimum rakes and output.

Consistent ends: A hydraulic sequence control raises the leading rotor first and then the rear rotor into the headland position. The relevant hydraulic spools for the sequencing are controlled mechanically from a shifter in a robust gate. The delay between raising the front and the rear arm can be customised by the operator.

Large-diameter tube steel gives the chassis and the main beam a particular strength. The generous ground clearance and enormous lift-out height of the rotors give the machine a ground clearance of up to 50 cm leaving big windrows undisturbed.

The machine folds to a transport height of less than 4 m (13’2″), with arms moving up hydraulically and the curtain on the side lowering automatically.

Choose between two tyre specifications. All Swadro TS and TS Twin can be fitted with 11.5/80- 15.3/10 PR (left photo) or 15.0/55-17/10 PR (right photo) tyres. The former provide good traction on softer ground whereas the latter are best for work in sloping fields. The transport position does not exceed 2.90 metres.

If the wheels are fitted with slim tyres, it will be possible to expand the track width by 6 cm (2.4″). Simply refit a distancer sleeve on the wheel arms and move each axle out 3 cm (1.2″).

All Swadro TS and TS Twin models have a ball bearing that links the two-point headstock and the chassis. A rod controls the Ackermann steering system when the machine in travelling through curves. This gives Swadro outstanding agility and allows it to enter and rake up awkward patches without shunting. No hay is left behind.

Swift and safe travel: The great chassis stability gives all Swadro TS rakes excellent tracking even at higher speeds.


The triple-rotor side delivery rake


  • „9.70 m (31’10”) work width for highest work rates
  • Electric work height control and height indicator
  • Hydraulic caster control for optimum road stability

Raking nearly 20 metres into one double windrow, the KRONE Swadro TS 970 is the ideal match for a high-capacity precision-chop forage harvester. Offering stunning work rates of up to 10 ha/h, this machine is the
performance booster in your harvest chain. A wide wheel base and Ackermann steering give this high-capacity rake an enormous agility and very easy shunting.

As conditions may vary within one field it is essential to adapt the working height instantly. You can set each rotor to its own individual work height by operating a control on the control box. Then the height is shown on the display screen.

As an option, the swathing curtain on the TS 970 folds hydraulically into a parking position for double swaths. The curtain is folded automatically when the rotors fold into transport position to reduce the transport height to less than 4 m. It resumes its previous position when the rake is lowered into work.

A hydraulic cylinder on the headstock (left photo) alters the steering angle of the running gear in an easy and convenient way (right photo). This Ackermann steering system makes for optimum castering and agile turns.

The leading rotor has 10 tine arms and the one running in the middle has 13 arms and both rotate at a higher rpm than the rear rotor. The slower-rpm rear rotor has 13 tine arms with five double tines each. This configuration leads to a smooth crop flow through the machine and an optimum presentation of the swath.

The three rotors change quickly into transport position. The central rotor measures less than 3.00 m in diameter and so its tine arms are not folded to achieve a good transport height.

In this type of harvest chain, no crop is run on, because the tractor that is pulling the Swadro TS 970 runs in the wheelings of the KRONE BiG M high-capacity mower conditioner.

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Swadro 35 – 1×10, Swadro S420 – 1×13, Swadro S460 – 1×13, Swadro 46T dragtengd – 1×13, Swadro 710/26T halarófa – 2×13, Swadro TS620 – 10/13 *, Swadro TS680 – 2×13 *, Swadro TS740 – 2×13 *