Þéttikítti mjúkt K138 – svart

Þéttikítti mjúkt K138 – svart

kr. 2.690


MS-Polymer Adhesive Sealer „Soft“ K138

• single-component, elastic, solvent-free adhesive sealant


  • strong adhesion and durable
  • UV and weather-resistant
  • shrinkage and solvent-free
  • moisture and temperature resistant from -40 °C up to +90 °C
  • silicone-free
  • paintable wet-on-wet up to 5 days


  • for bodywork, container, vehicle, metal construction and airconditioning
  • very good adhesion on glass, many metals, primers and lacquers
  • good adhesion on wood-based materials
  • suitable for Duro thermoplastics (except for PE,PP,PTFE), own tests necessary first
  • on mineral base surfaces
  • base surface must be clean, dry and grease-free

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