kr. 2.390


Cooling System Cleaner Limescale FÖRCH 5*

  • Suitable for all combustion engines with closed water cooling as well as heat exchangers
  • Improves the performance of valves, thermostats and water pump
  • Dissolves dangerous coolant component and removes deposits, chalk and limescale in the whole cooling system
  • Protects the curcuit from corrosion and optimises the heating and cooling effect
  • Also suitable for radiators made of aluminium
  • In order to achieve optimum cleaning of the cooling system, you can add the Cooling System Cleaner Oil 5* (Art. No. 6750 7045)


  • Carry out a change of the cooling liquid in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and add the cleaner
  • Enough for cooling systems having a capacity 5 – 10 l
  • In case of increase or reduced filling quantity per litre add correspondingly 50 ml more or less of the cooling fluid

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