Zincsprey L244 – ljóst

Zincsprey L244 – ljóst

kr. 2.990


Zinc Spray – Bright L244

  • For optimum repair, improvement and protection against corrosion of metallic surfaces
  • Active corrosion resistance according to DIN 50021
  • Salt spray test at 528 hrsaccording to DIN 20021
  • Corrosion resistant zinc coating in hot-dipped colouring
  • Weather-resistant and protects against rust and salt
  • For aftertreatment of damaged hot-dipped galvanised parts
  • Can be spot-welded
  • Overpaintable with commercially available plastic resin paint systems. Test spraying is recommended.
  • Temperature resistant up to +400 °C
  • Zinc contents of pigments more than 98 %
  • Zinc contents dry film approx. 70 %
  • Parts to be treated must be clean, dry, free of grease and rust
  • Shake aerosol vigorously for approx. 2 minutes after mixing ball is heard
  • Cross spray from a distance of approx. 20 – 30 cm. One coat usually sufficient. For additional coats allow 5 minutes between coats.
  • Not suitable for over-laying with fillers
  • Not suitable as undercoat for PU, MS-polymer and hybrid sealing compounds

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