Tveggja þátta grunnur L203 – beislitaður

Tveggja þátta grunnur L203 – beislitaður

kr. 7.690


Epoxy-Base Filler beige 2K L203

  • universally usable 2-component base filler with excellent adhesive and corrosion protection characteristics
  • for all grounds, as for example metal, non-ferrous metal, zinc-plated steel plate or anodized aluminium surfaces, glass fibre reinforces plastic (GFK)
  • good insulation, high filling power, excellently grindable, smooth levelling, long processing time
  • can be recoated with all standard 1K- and 2K-paint systems
  • variable spray head – horizontal or vertical spraying


  • Remove rust from the ground, grind and clean carefully with 1K-PUR/ASK-Cleaner R540 Art.-No. 66006109


  • take red push button fom the cap and place onto dowel at the can bottom
  • put the can with the cap upside down onto firm underground
  • press the red release button with your ball of the thumb until stop
  • shake the can thoroughly before and after release for at least 2 min.
  • do a test spraying
  • spray distance approx. 25 cm
  • apply in 2 – 3 spraying processes with 10 – 15 min. airing time in between each spraying operation

Processing time:

  • after activation 96 hrs. at 20 °C

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